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Kombucha is a traditonal elixir, a functional drink offering various benefits, known from antique China (T’sin dynastie, 221 BC). According to Zen philosophy it helps find purity and balance of the soul and spirit.

It’s a savoury blend of premium quality tea fermented by a symbiosis of bacteria and yeast, enzymes and lactic acid D+. Today D-TÖX is the one and only kombucha in the entire EU to be authorised to advance health claims: naturally rich in anti-oxidants, and rebalancing microbiota. We will continue R&D to hopefully find and proove many more.


*The above mentioned information is stated in Dr Stephan R. Becker’s scientific report (2003) – read the report

Our strong points

Most of the kombuchas you buy off the shelf exploit the absence of EU regulation to dilute a concentrate with sweet tea, without any symbiotic fermentation.

Our D-TOX is fermented 8–15 days by a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (Scoby), all the way from scratch to your bottle. Just like home-made kombucha: 100% RAW KOMBUCHA .

Unprecedented, refreshing and non medicinal taste

100% organic ingredients, biodynamic teas

Rigorous production process, HACCP certified

Unflavoured, unpasteurised

Exceptionally high level of gluconic acid: 15 Gr/L

100% recycable PET bottle, excluding the risk of explosion, minimised CO² footprint



Production process

The best thing about kombucha is gluconic acid, which is only created at a certain stage of fermentation. This organic acid, hard to find in everyday food, is catalysed in the liver to glucoronic acid. Its function is to eliminate toxins from the body.

Most of the kombuchas you buy off the shelf exploit the absence of EU regulation to dilute a concentratewith sweet tea by a factor of 5–20. However, these drinks do not contain the same ecosystem as artisan kombuchas fermented on a Scoby. The lack of fermentation makes them unstable and requires refrigeration.

We chose to brew traditional, artisan kombucha in small batches, entirely fermented on a Scoby: 100% RAW KOMBUCHA. Moreover, after each D-TOX production our Scobies go through a unique regeneration programme: they are kept on a special tea mix in dedicated vessels to ensure their long-term liveliness and stability.

Thanks to thorough R&D and careful monitoring of the process parameters, in the summer of 2015 we achieved bacterial dominance. This has pushed our product to even higher levels of quality than ever – hence gluconic acid content has been multiplied by 12 since !

Although our production facilities are derived from the food processing and winemaking industries and allow great batch-to-batch continuity, true D-TOX connoisseurs will always perceive subtle differences between batches, much as for wine and cider.

Ingredients: water, Demeter tea blend, organic sugar, certified non OGM kombucha cultures. Residual sugar level after fermentation is app 3.4%. With an averageof 31 kCal/ 100 ml, our kombucha contains half the calories of apple juice.

Caution: consult your GP in case you are on medication


D-TOX may be stored at room temperature for at least 48 months, but we guarantee 18 months on the label. We know kombucha to build up carbon dioxide over time. Therefore, our bottle has notches alongside the opening, which help to evacuate eventual excessive pressure.
If you love champagne as much as we do, leave your bottle at room temperature for some 15 days so that it will become more sparkling and interesting. In case you don’t fancy sparkling drinks, keep it in the fridge, because yeast are inactive under 7 °C.