100% Kombucha Elixir


A choice for life

Kombucha is a traditonal elixir, a functional drink offering various benefits, known from antique China (T’sin dynastie, 221 BC). According to Zen philosophy it helps find purity and balance of the soul and spirit. Our mission is to offer the very best of kombuchas in terms of taste and quality. The best update of the Chinese Emperors’ elixir: the soda of the future.

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Our strong points

Our mission

Brew tasty and top quality kombucha


Our strong points


Most of the kombucha drinks you find in organic stores only contain 5–20percent concentrate, diluted with sweet tea, without any symbiotic fermentation.

Our D-TOX is fermented 8–15 days by a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (Scoby), all the way from scratch to your bottle. Just like home-made kombucha: 100% RAW KOMBUCHA

  • labelUnprecedented, refreshing and non medicinal taste
  • 100% organic ingredients, biodynamic teas
  • Rigorous production process, HACCP certified
  • Unflavoured, unpasteurised
  • Exceptionally high level of gluconic acid: 126 mg/L

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D-TOX is carried by most organic food chains and major organic stores

We also strive for presence in selected cafés, restaurants, health and wellness stores, fine food groceries etc.

If you think you found a suitable shop or retail channel for us, please let us know

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